Tube Meter Heathkit IM-18D

Since the 1950ies, Heathkit produced tube voltmeters. The Heathkit IM-18D is one of these, more from the 60ies, but I do not know the exact production year of my device. Heathkit sold these devices as kits. So you got all parts and soldered it all together. Also calibration was left to the buyer. You can compare this tube meter with my Heathkit V-7A, which is about 10 years older but very close…

Tube Meter Heathkit V-7A

When buying my Heathkit IM18D (see here), I got this meter for a few more bucks. It was very dirty and was sold as not working. Also, someone has poured some silver paint over the poor device… Heathkit V-7A after some cleaning (knobs were in dishwasher when I took that photo) Some strange kind of line connector was found (this is a DIN connector, and I suppose someone had a cable that was used to put 230 volts in here…)

Hickok 539A tube tester

Having 3 tube radios from 1950 .. 1960ies, I though it’s time to also have a tube tester. You can have the simple ones, but also a lab level device. All these tube testers come from 1950 .. 1960 years. You can have one for european tubes only or more general ones with american and european tubes. So I decided to get an american version. All modern amplifier tubes are american brand, so this is a good approach.

NEVA Netzgleichrichter for experimenting with Tubes

To experiment with tubes, a power supply that creates higher voltages is required. Most lab power supplies supply up to 30, maybe 50 volts, some older ones may even go up to 100 volts. While tubes operate already somehow at these values, for testing etc., I looked for a real tube power suppy. I found one from an older german company, called NEVA. As far as I can see, they mostly produced for universities and school labs.

Radio Loewe Opta Komet 53

I bought this radio as defect, does not play for some euros. It had no power plug anymore, and my initial idea was to tear it apart to salvage the ancient parts used in the 50ies. Radio after minor repair work The wooden case was in quite good condition and all switches and knobs were present. So I decided to check for the issues in the radio and maybe repair it.

WF PG1 Prüfgenerator

East german product. With tube technology. From 50ies. Obsolete, Outdated. Unhip? The root of all this came from Corona agony. I thought: Why not to look again to tube technology? Device after cleanup and fixing Last year a friend gave me an old tube radio as a gift. I love the sound of this small Lowe Opta Bella Luxus and handled it like a religious device, e.g. the Bundeslade. Time passed and I thought: why not getting another tube radio.