Teardown of a Navilock 8 Inch touchscreen panel

This monitor is from automotive area. It has a touchscreen, and a low resolution of 640x480, I suppose it is an older one, maybe more than 10 years old.

Panel: Sharp LQ080V30DG01 8 Inch, 640x480, 6 Bit RGB (parallel RGB)

32 pin 0,5mm pitch connector



Back cover removed

Panel connector

Monitor PCB removed. We see the pure panel with its controller.

Panel controller.

Touchscreen controller removed from main PCB

The AR7643 is the Touch Panel Controller, a 12-bit SAR analog-to-digital (ADC) converter with SPI serial interface and low on-resistance drivers for 4-wire resistive touch panels. It contains all the analog and digital circuitry necessary to complete a pen request at a 125 KHz sample rate.

A “Fancy FX4U43N2189”, I could not find any info on that chip. I suppose it is used to convert the SPI data from the AR7643 controller into serial (RS232) data, provided at the white connector with 5 pins.

On top an Atmel 94C46 serial 1K EEPROM. Maybe used for some calibration data.

HV section for backlight