Teardown of a 9 Inch automotive monitor with Toshiba TFT panel

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This monitor is from automotive area.

Panel: Toshiba LTA090B400F 9 Zoll, 800x480, 6 Bit RGB (parallel RGB) 40 pin, 0,5mm pitch connector

Front. I already had opened it and all the switches fell out.


Back cover removed. We see at the left the custom controller for the monitor, at the right the HV section fort backlight. At the bottom a small PCB can be seen for switches and A/V connectors.

Custom controller removed. The panels controller is below a tin case at the bottom of the panel. The flex cable is connected to it.

Nice with this monitor is, that the HV section is separate from the custom monitor controller. While the custom controller is useless and can be removed, the HV PCB is important for the backlight.

Close look to HV section which looks well designed and manufactured.

Electrical characteristics

The HV section takes only about 10 volts, coming out from the monitor PCB when a 12 volts power supply is connected. The monitor consumes about 250mA when off and about 750mA when on. The power supply input of HV section has two pins, for + and GND. GND is in the picture at bottom right.

Never ever touch the High Voltage Output pins. Output is at least some hundred volts for the backlight.