Tube Meter Heathkit V-7A

When buying my Heathkit IM18D (see here), I got this meter for a few more bucks.

It was very dirty and was sold as not working. Also, someone has poured some silver paint over the poor device…

Heathkit V-7A after some cleaning (knobs were in dishwasher when I took that photo)

Some strange kind of line connector was found (this is a DIN connector, and I suppose someone had a cable that was used to put 230 volts in here…)

I have replaced later that power connector solution with a ordinary power cord… The silver paint poured on the device can be seen here,

Power supply section with line transformer

Some very old semiconductor rectifier “Model 50”, I have never seen before.

Two tubes, battery compartment between the two tubes. Usually the battery compartment is heavily corroded. Not for this device. It looks like new…

Nice artwork at the voltage divider.

Some damage at the switch at the left, but it does not affect the function of the switch. The section lost was not used for any switching functions. Also, the green connector for “common” is not original.

This shows my replacement of the strange solution for the power connector. I replaced that with a simple power chord.