EEPROM Eraser Spectroline PR 125 T/F

This is a medium size UV EPROM Eraser. It can delete up to 25 chips at once in a removable tray 23x10cm. From datasheet, it has ~17.000µW/cm2 UV intensity. Wavelength is 254nm. It has a large replaceable UV grid tube.

Erasing time required from the datasheet is between 5.9 and 14.7 minutes, depending on required erasing energy of the chip to erase (usually given in Watt * seconds/cm2).

Tray opened, can fit 25 chips or while PCBs:

The mechanical 0-60min timer was loose, I had to fix it:

A very nice vintage mystery chip I found inside the eraser:
I tried to get some knowledge in that chip: