ITT teddy 4

ITT teddy 4 came as not working together with another radio I bought from an ebay seller. This radio is from early seventies, I estimate.

The radio is medium-sized, not a small one, but also not a large one. Sound is quite impressive, it has more bass than I expected. Sound, compared to e.g. ITT Junior automatic, is much better.

This picture was done after repair and cleaning all caging parts.

After opening, first image shows large ferrit antenna at the bottom and the complete PCB:

Close look onto PCB with power amplifier (left), ZF section (middle) and RF input section (right, with variable capacitor). Also, speaker with its magnet can be seen. Output amplifier uses two germanium transistors (AC117, AC175). :

RF section. This is all manual solder work.


During repair work. All parts were removed from casing. The radio was dead, no sound, nothing. I found that the on/off switch lost contact. After cleaning it and some mechanical readjustments, it worked again very well.