pdptools - accessing a PDP machine via serial line

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To play with my PDP11, I developed some tools to communicate with the PDP. They allow to communicate via serial line and to upload code to the PDP.

  • lst2deposit - creates a SIMH deposit file from a MACRO11 LST file
  • pdpcom - allows to upload deposit file content to a serial attached PDP11
  • arthur-gill-examples - some nice examples
  • examples - some simple examples

Screencast demo session

Small video clip where I list some memory content, load an object file, show that is has been loaded to memory and execute it (this simple object file waits for a single char and prints it to console):



Code on github


Further reading

  • Machine and Assembly Language Programming of the PDP-11, Arthur Gill, Prentice-Hall, 1978. This book was written by Arthur who gave lessons on University of Berkeley. A very nice book for studying PDP-11 assembler. Used prints can still be found.