Elektronika BK-0011

Elektronika BK0011 is successor of BK0010, same in english. Both use PDP clone-like CPU K1801WM1. The CPU is said to be fully compatible with PDP11 CPUs, but does not implement EIS instructions.

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PDP11 Instruction set

CPU runs at 4Mhz.

BK0011 has 128KB RAM.

Monochrome/Color output via DIN connector.

Built-In speaker and (russian) keyboard.

Parallel and serial ports.

QBUS available at back side of case.

Slots for inserting additional option ROMs

Tape (cassette), Floppy and harddisk were somehow possible. Check this.

On arrival

The CPU KT1801WM1 (kyr.: KT1801BM1), date coded January 1990. Can address 64K Words, said to have 0.5 MIPS

KR1801WP1 (auch KR1801VP1) (kyr.: КР1801ВП1), a gate array with 600 gates, close to the CPU

Another KR1801WP1 (kyr.: КР1801ВП1), close to keyboard connector

Used ROMs KR1801RE2: 4096x16 (64KBit)

After first cleaning

Main PCB

Main PCB

The keyboard element

Keyboard PCB with Speaker


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