DEC VAX 4000 Boards

My DEC VAX 4000 boards

All boards seem to come from a VAX 4000-300 machine. See

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DEC VAX 4000-300 Boards
CPU KA670 L4000 
 in Module Plastic Case (99-08536)
2x MS670-CA L4001-CA und 
1x64MB Clearpoint Memory

KA670 CPU board

22 Bit QBus board. CPU clocked with 143 Mhz. CPU chip is called REX-520 There is a FPU on board called CD523.

Built-in Ethernet and 2xDSSI (disk) controllers

Can address max of 512MB.

I love that pagode style cooling towers…

9.1 SPECmarks

MS670-CA L4001-CA

64MB memory board. I have two of these.

64MB Clearpoint Memory


I am occupied with other work, so this is for future.

I have 3x64=192MB RAM. The CPU board probably offers a console. It for sure contains LAN and disk controllers.

Required for basic setup would be a backplane, some PSU, which may be a PC PSU.