DEC PDP11 Rebuild

This document contains information I have gathered when trying to bring some DEC PDP11 boards together to have a “working” system. Summary of boards I have collected some boards in the last years. CPU boards: M8186 LSI-11/23 CPU (C Revision, so capable of 22 bit addressing) RAM boards: M8044 MSV11-DD 32K RAM, 18Bit M8067 512KB RAM, 22 Bit Serial boards: M8028 DLV-11F serial board M3104 serial board Multi Purpose Boards:

DEC Digital OBA11-MF

DEC Digital OBA11-MF bought in poor condition from ebay. It has no case, has some physical damage. Sold of course as defective. All together this seems to be a kind of “embedded” PDP 11/03 with only a bare minimum of boards and no intention for extending it later on. Maybe used as a control unit in some chemical plant or whatever. here someone has a picture of another device like this.

PDP 11 parts

I own some old PDP11 parts. I try to complete these to have a minimal set of cards to boot the PDP11. This is seen as a long term task and may last several years… Activity was started in February 2017. In January 2021, I have spent 91+161+3*90 = 522€ on that madness, without any results so far :-) . In 2022, I could buy a basic PDP unit, without case and in bad condition.