Rigol LXI access

Rigol devices implement the LXI protocol that allows to send SCPI via LAN connection. Connect a device to your LAN, and if DHCP is working, the device gets an IP address.

Simplest access is via telnet. LXI used port 5555.

telnet 5555
Rigol Technologies,DG811,DG8A224003223,

netcat is another iteresting command to send/receive via LAN connection. The command above can then be written like this:

echo "*IDN?" | nc -w1 5555
Rigol Technologies,DG811,DG8A224003223,

From e.f. Spectrum Analyzer DSA815 we get a screendump in BMP format into file image.bmp with the following line:

echo ":PRIV:SNAP? BMP" | nc -w15 dsa 5555 | dd bs=1 skip=11 of=image.bmp

Rigol DG811 (having USB, but no LAN port) can be equipped with a USB-To-LAN adapter for 10-20 euros (I have a UGREEN 20254) which then enables DG811 also to be part of your LAN.