Using the 6×40 chars Vacuum Fluoreszent Display PEP 04226-01

As part of another device (the ICS 1000), this large touch-display VFD came into my lab.

IEE’s  PEP 04226-01 „Vacuum Fluorescent Display“,  has green chars in 6 lines per 40 chars. It seems to be out of the series „PEP Touch Screen Interface Display“ from IEE.  (

IEE says themselves: „The UL-recognized IEE Peripheral Entry Panel (PEP) is an interactive terminal assembly integrating a 6-line by 40-character VFD with an infrared switch matrix. Interaction with the host system occurs when the operator reads displayed messages and responds by finger contact with a touch sensitive switch location on the screen. Since the switch matrix uses optical technology, no annoying grids are present to degrade the appearance of the display.

  •     Bright, Easy to Read 6-line by 40-character VFD
  •     Infrared Touch Screen Immune to Ambient Light
  •     Single Piece, Drip-proof, Polycarbonate Bezel
  •     32 Kilobytes of Battery-backed RAM for Message Storage
  •     EIA-232 and EIA-422 Serial Interfaces at 1200 or 9600 Baud
  •     Single +5 VDC Power Supply
  •     Extended -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range Available“



Display attached to a PC and some data was entered via PCs keyboard – the display works…


Back of display, as part of a large ICS1000 VME Workstation


Display information. MFD is week 22, 1994. Note jumpers at bottom of image


Display: power supply connector

Check of configuration inside ICS100: RS232 parameters are 9800 8N1. Note that the PEP is connected to its serial connector via a Null modem adapter.

Later research lead to the following information

Power supply connector: numbered from 1..6. Pin 6 is at the outside area of the housing.

Pin Function
1 +5V (ca. 950mA)
2 Bell out

RS232 Connector:

Pin Function
2 TxD
3 RxD